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The Truth
NPC Brighton
Category Edelstein
Available Brighton says he has something to tell you about Edelstein's watchman, Wonny. Go see Brighton and find out what it is.
In Progress According to Brighton, Wonny is originally from Edelstein. He forced himself to become a part of the Black Wings, because he wanted to keep an eye on Gabrielle, his former lover currently being held hostage.

He says you should go to the walls of the mansion at 10 o'clock at night (Pacific Time) if you want to confirm his story about Wonny. According to him, you will find Wonny, waiting patiently for his love Gabrielle to return.
Completed You returned after seeing Wonny. Brighton said that Wonny really wants to protect the town from the Black Wings, but can't, because Gabrielle is being held hostage. Brighton added that many people think Wonny betrayed his own town... Brighton said he hopes you don't think that, too.
  1. Talk to Brighton in Edelstein.
  2. Talk to Brighton again.
Rewards BasicReward
1,050 EXP
1 Fame
30 Empathy EXP

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