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What's Under the Animal Costume? 2
NPC Ulrika
Category Edelstein
Available You received an answer from Checky. Under the bear suit is a dream and a hope... You figure this answer won't satisfy Ulrika's curiosity.
In Progress Of course, Ulrika doesn't believe Checky's answer. After much contemplation, she suggests putting a snake inside Checky's suit to make the person inside jump out! She wants you to catch a Serpent for her. You can catch a live snake by using the Net that Ulrika gave you... Be careful, though, it sounds pretty dangerous!

Etc Live Serpent Live Serpent #c4032751# / 20
Completed Surprised at the snake, Checky jumped out of the suit but it the person inside was wearing another layer of animal costume!
  1. Talk to Ulrika in Edelstein.
  2. Obtain 20 Live Serpents.
  3. Talk to Checky in Edelstein.
Rewards BasicReward
560 EXP
Etc Live Serpent Live Serpent -20

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