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Looking Into the Lion King 2
NPC Krag
Category El Nath
Available The of the deep parts of the castle that Krag recommended was a success. You might be able to investigate the Dark Energy now that the castle's magic wards are down.
In Progress Krag asked you to find something related to the Dark Energy. Defeat the monsters around the Lion King's Castle and locate enough of the Smoldering Black Goo.

Etc Smoldering Black Goo Smoldering Black Goo #c4033113#/200
Completed You brought the Smoldering Black Goo to Krag. It's exuding a nasty aura, so it must be related to the dark energy.
  1. Talk to Krag in Desolate Moor.
  2. Obtain 200 Smoldering Black Goos from any monster in Lion King's Castle.
  3. Talk to Krag again.
Rewards BasicReward
257,000 EXP
Etc Smoldering Black Goo Smoldering Black Goo -200

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