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Quest Name Level Requirements
미스틱 반 레온의 악몽 None
미스틱 아카이럼의 악몽 None
미스틱 힐라의 악몽 None
미스틱 자쿰의 악몽 None
미스틱 혼테일의 악몽 None
[Maple Book] A Librarian's Gift None
[메이플스쿨] 메이플스쿨의 전설 None
다섯 영웅의 완성! 새로운 시작! None
[윷놀이] 고운누리 윷놀이 None
Mystical Artifact Discoverer None
Title - Family Loyalty Forever None
2012 Artifact Hunt Top 10 None
2011 Mystical Artifact Pioneer None
2012 Artifact Hunt Participant None
Devoted Excavation Member Medal None
Title Challenge - Maple Idol Star None
Title Challenge - Horntail Slayer None
Title Challenge - Pink Bean Slayer None
Title Challenge - Donation King None
Humble Honor None
Bearded Ambition None
King's Dignity None
Hawk's Eyes None
Fairy's Pupil None
Clairvoyant None
No Pain, No Gain None
Beauty of Patience None
Patience Incarnate None
Hand of the Family None
Expert's Heart None
Midas's Touch None
Troubled Youth None
Bard None
Human Enough None
The Hotness None
Epitome of Beauty None
Henesys Donor Medal None
Ellinia Donor Medal None
Perion Donor Medal None
Kerning City Donor Medal None
Sleepywood Donor Medal None
Nautilus Donor Medal None
Lith Harbor Donor None
Well Behaved Child None
Perion Guard None
Kerning City Honorary Citizen None
Secret Organization Temporary Member None
Dragon Master None
Dragon Master None
Hero's Successor None
I'm a Lucky Guy★ None
Cygnus's Successor None
Maple Idol None
Maple Idol Master None
Demon Reborn None
Dark Warrior None
Star Maker None
A Member of The Maple Alliance None
Title - Christmas 2011 Medal None
Title - Christmas Miracle None
Title - Dual Blade Reborn None
Title - Typhoon in the Dark None
Title - Wind Cleaver None
Title - Radiant Shadow None
Title - Newborn Light None
Title - Apprentice Knight of Light None
Title - Official Knight of Light None
Title - Chief Knight of Light None
Title - True Knight of Light None
Title - Maple 8th Anniversary Medal None
Title - Country Rabbit Medal None
Title - Tower of God Medal None
Title - Time Traveler Medal None
Title - Call It a Comeback Medal None
Title - Devourer of Words None
칭호 - 환생한 카이저 None
칭호 - 카이저의 운명을 걷는 자 None
칭호 - 각성한 카이저 None
칭호 - 카이저의 의지를 잇는자 None
칭호 - 극의에 도달한 자 None
칭호 - 계약의 시작 None
칭호 - 변신은 마법소녀의 꽃 None
칭호 - 정의의 이름으로 None
칭호 - 전장의 아이돌 None
칭호 - 슈퍼스타★ None
매그너스 격파 선봉장 None
[디멘션 인베이드] 힐라의 위엄 None
[디멘션 인베이드] 매그너스의 위엄 None
[디멘션 인베이드] 강 건너 불 구경 None
Beginner Adventurer Level 8
빛을 되찾은 자 Level 10
어둠에 물든 자 Level 10
Title Challenge - Veteran Hunter Level 10
Wonderful Pet Owner Level 10
Outstanding Citizen Level 10
Persevering Challenger Level 10
Knight-in-Training Level 10
Veteran Hunter Level 10
Legendary Hunter Level 10
Awakened Aran Level 10
Special Training Beginner Level 10
A Hero, No More Level 10
A Hero, No More Level 10
Title - Dynamic Hair Level 13
Title Challenge - Celebrity! Level 20
Title Challenge - Diligent Explorer Level 20
The One Who's Touched the Sky Level 20
Conquerer of Darkness Level 30
Title Challenge - Quest Specialist Level 30
Eyes on Me Level 30
Junior Adventurer Level 30
Official Knight Level 30
Aran in Memory Level 30
Special Training Intermediate Level 30
Ice Knight Level 30
Elf of Elluel Level 30
Without a Trace Level 30
Title - Star Maker Level 35
어둠을 흡수한 자 Level 60
Veteran Adventurer Level 60
Aran in Misery Level 60
Special Training Graduate Level 60
Elven Noble Level 60
The Mind of the Raven Level 60
Aran the Hero Level 200
Special Training Master Level 200
Ruler of Elves Level 200
Master Thief Phantom Level 200
Beginner Explorer Level 15
Ludus Lake Explorer Level 20
Undersea Explorer Level 20
Nihal Desert Explorer Level 25
El Nath Mts. Explorer Level 30
Mu Lung Explorer Level 30
Sleepywood Explorer Level 40
Victoria Explorer Level 40
Title - Spirit Diviner Level 40
[Riena Strait] Title - Deckhand Level 50
Title - Soul Conjurer Level 57
Minar Forest Explorer Level 60
Ossyria Explorer Level 60
Maple Explorer Level 60
Tangyoon approved cook. [Level 60]
Title - Soul Guardian Level 67
Title - Silent Crusade Recruit [Level 90]
Title - Saint Exorcist Level 92
[Medal] Magatia's Alchemist [Level 93]
[Grand Athenaeum] Read The White Mage Level 100
[Grand Athenaeum] Read Empress In Training Level 100
[Grand Athenaeum] Read The Black Witch Level 100
[Grand Athenaeum] Winter Bard Level 100
Title - Silent Crusade Officer [Level 105]
Title - Silent Crusade Commander [Level 105]
Title - Silent Crusade Champion [Level 105]
[Monster Park] Monday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Tuesday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Wednesday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Thursday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Friday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Saturday Medal Challenge Level 105
[Monster Park] Sunday Medal Challenge [Level 105]
Title - Heart of a Lion [Level 115]
Title - Rose Knight [Level 115]
[Hard Hilla] The End of Hilla Level 120
[Hard Hilla] The Immortal Hero of Azwan Level 120
[Hard Hilla] The Unstoppable Hero of Azwan Level 120
[Hard Hilla] The Swift Hero of Azwan Level 120
Title - 101st Time's the Charm Level 120
[Ghost Park] The Ghost Park Challenge Level 125
[Ghost Park] The Ghost Park Super Challenge Level 125
[Ghost Park] Survival Challenge Level 125
Seeker of Gilded Truth [Level 130]
[Dimension Invasion] Dimension Defender Level 140
[Dimension Invasion] Dimension Master Level 140
[Dimension Invasion] By Land, Sea, and Air. Level 140
Jackpot Entertainment Co-CEO?! Level 145
Title - White M-Forcer [Level 165]
Title - Butterfly Dreams [Level 220]