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[Required] Fixing the Fence
NPC Gustav
Category The Dragon Master, Evan
Available Dad seems to have something he wants to ask you to do. Talk to Gustav, your Dad.
In Progress Dad says that there's a hole in the farm fence because some Pigs escaped. He asks you to bring him some Thick Branches so that he can fix the fence. Defeat some of the Stumps nearby and bring back some Thick Branches.

Etc Thick Branch Thick Branch #c4032498# / 3
Completed When you gave Dad the Thick Branches, he made you a chair with the wood leftover from fixing the fence.
  1. Talk to Gustav in Farm Center.
  2. Obtain 3 Thick Branchs from Stump.
  3. Talk to Gustav again.
Rewards BasicReward
210 EXP
Use Tasty Milk Tasty Milk x 15
Use Squeezed Juice Squeezed Juice x 15
Ins Strong Wooden Chair Strong Wooden Chair x 1