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[Required] Rescuing the Piglet
NPC Gustav
Category The Dragon Master, Evan
Available Dad seems to have something else he wants to ask you to do. Talk to Dad.
In Progress Another Piglet ran away while the fence was broken. Go to the Lush Forest and bring back the lost Piglet. You must be careful as the recent rain storms may have destroyed the paths.

Etc Piglet Piglet #c4032449# / 1
Completed While searching for the Piglet, you found a strange egg. How will you raise this egg?
  1. Talk to Gustav in Farm Center.
  2. Talk to Dragon Nest in Lost Forest.
  3. Obtain 1 Piglet.
  4. Talk to Gustav again.
Rewards BasicReward
700 EXP
Etc Piglet Piglet -1