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[Required] Sandwich for Breakfast
NPC Utah
Category The Dragon Master, Evan
Available You fed breakfast to Bull Dog. Come to think of it, you're hungry too... Go ask Utah about breakfast.
In Progress Utah gave you a sandwich for breakfast. He tells you to go inside the house again once you're done with your sandwich. Mom must have something she wants to ask you to do... In any case, eat your sandwich first.
Completed Mom suddenly handed you a Straw Hat. Huh? Why did she give this to you?
  1. Talk to Utah in Front Yard.
  2. Consume 1 Handmade Sandwich.
  3. Talk to Anna in Living Room.
Rewards BasicReward
60 EXP
Eqp Straw Hat Straw Hat x 1
Use Tasty Milk Tasty Milk x 5
Use Squeezed Juice Squeezed Juice x 5

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