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Wild Goose Chase
NPC Manji
Category Ruler of the Elves, Mercedes
Available Manji in Perion says he's seen the mysterious stranger before. Find out more.
In Progress According to Nameless, the mysterious stranger spent some time hunting Wild Boars. Maybe if you hunt some yourself, you'll find a clue. If you do, bring it to Athena Pierce
Completed You showed the clue from the Wild Boars to Wild Boar. It sounded like someone had a grudge against you.

Who could have a grudge against you in the present day?
  1. Talk to Manji in Perion.
  2. Obtain 1 Tongue Twister Scroll from Wild Boar.
  3. Talk to Athena Pierce in Bowman Instructional School.
Rewards BasicReward
27,693 EXP
Etc The Dark Lord's Diary Tongue Twister Scroll -1
Eqp Lunar Glory Lunar Glory x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) Athena's Letter