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Wild Goose Chase
NPC Ilji
Category Ruler of the Elves, Mercedes
Available Ilji in Sleepywood says he's seen the mysterious stranger before. Find out more.
In Progress According to #p106109#, the mysterious stranger spent some time hunting Red Drakes. Maybe if you hunt some yourself, you can find a clue. If you do, brinng it to Athena Pierce.
Completed You showed the document you got from the Red Drakes to Athena Pierce. It sounded like someone had a grudge against you. Maybe such a thing could have existed hundreds of years ago, but who could have a grudge against you in the present day?
  1. Talk to Ilji in Sleepywood.
  2. Obtain 1 Tongue Twister Scroll from Red Drake.
  3. Talk to Athena Pierce in Bowman Instructional School.
Rewards BasicReward
12,500 EXP
Etc The Dark Lord's Diary Tongue Twister Scroll -1
Eqp Lunar Glory Lunar Glory x 1 (if Bowman)

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