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Francis Spills the Beans
NPC Francis
Category Master Thief Phantom
Available Francis is crying like a baby. This could slow down your information gathering efforts.
In Progress Bring Golem Core items to help fix Francis's puppet. Maybe it will make him stop crying. At least the Golems you have to fight won't be crying.

Etc Golem Core Golem Core #c4033124# / 40
Completed Francis finally stopped crying long enough to talk. The Black Wings officers are attempting to bring back the Black Mage... and Edelstein is their main source of energy. It still doesn't explain the Seal Stones though...
  1. Talk to Francis in Puppeteer's Hidden Cave.
  2. Obtain 40 Golem Cores from Stone Golem, Dark Stone Golem, Mixed Golem, Icy Mixed Golem, or Flaming Mixed Golem.
  3. Talk to Francis again.
Rewards BasicReward
5,120 EXP
Etc Golem Core Golem Core -40