Regained Memory

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Skill Regained Memory Regained Memory

  • Class: Aran
  • Type: Passive
  • Maximum Level: 1
You recover your true power by recovering your lost memory.
Level Permanently increases ATT #padX, DEF #pddX, Speed #psdSpeed, Critical Rate: #cr%, Damage #bdR% increases when attacking a boss monster
1 Permanently increases ATT 10, DEF 300, Speed 10, Critical Rate: 5%, Damage 5% increases when attacking a boss monster

Skill Regained Memory 되찾은 기억

  • Class: Aran
  • Type: Passive
  • Maximum Level: 1
잃어버렸던 기억을 되찾아 자신이 지닌 진정한 힘을 깨달았다.
Level 영구적으로 공격력 10, 물리방어력 300, 이동속도 10 증가
1 영구적으로 공격력 #padX, 물리방어력 #pddX, 이동속도 #psdSpeed 증가


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