Soul Rings are Secondary Weapons for Pirates and can only be equipped by Angelic Busters. They are given to Angelic Busters from the start and will change at every Job Advancement. Soul Rings also comes with Hidden Potentials. Certain Soul Rings are obtained from Events or Bosses. 

Picture and Name Requirements Effects
Eqp Pink Soul Ring
Pink Soul Ring
Level 10 All Stats: +2
Max HP: +300
Defense: +100
Eqp Purple Soul Ring
Purple Soul Ring
Level 30 All Stats: +4
Max HP: +500
Defense: +150
Eqp Blue Soul Ring
Blue Soul Ring
Level 60 All Stats: +6
Max HP: +700
Defense: +200
Eqp Green Soul Ring
Green Soul Ring
Level 100 All Stats: +10
Max HP: +900
Defense: +300
Eqp Black Soul Ring
Black Soul Ring
Level 100 All Stats: +8
Max HP: +800
Defense: +275
Eqp Frozen Soul Ring
Frozen Soul Ring
Level 100 All Stats: +8
Max HP: +800
Defense: +275
Eqp Maple Treasure Soul Ring
Maple Treasure Soul Ring
Level 110 All Stats: +9
Defense: +280
Eqp Princess No's Soul Ring
Princess No's Soul Ring
Level 140 All Stats: +14
Max HP: +1,382
Defense: +475
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