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Throwing Stars are a special type of ammunition used with Thieves, namely the Night Lord and Night Walker classes.

Picture and Name Level Requirement Attack Boost Max Per Slot
Use Subi Throwing-Stars
Subi Throwing-Stars
10 15 500
Use Subi Throwing-Stars
A Beginner Thief's Throwing Stars
10 15 1000
Use Wolbi Throwing-Stars
Wolbi Throwing-Stars
10 17 500
Use Snowball
10 17 800
Use Mokbi Throwing-Stars
Mokbi Throwing-Stars
10 19 700
Use Wooden Top
Wooden Top
10 19 800
Use Paper Fighter Plane
Paper Fighter Plane
10 20 1000
Use Orange (Throwing Star)
10 20 1000
Use Kumbi Throwing-Stars
Kumbi Throwing-Stars
10 21 500
Use Icicle
10 21 800
Use Maple Throwing-Stars
Maple Throwing-Stars
10 21 800
Use Tobi Throwing-Stars
Tobi Throwing-Stars
10 23 1000
Use Steely Throwing-Knives
Steely Throwing-Knives
10 25 1000
Use Ilbi Throwing-Stars
Ilbi Throwing-Stars
10 27 800
Use Infinite Throwing-Knives
Infinite Throwing-Knives
10 27 2000
Use Crystal Ilbi Throwing-Stars
Crystal Ilbi Throwing-Stars
50 29 800
Use Magic Throwing Knife
Magic Throwing Knife
50 30 1200
Use Hwabi Throwing-Stars
Hwabi Throwing-Stars
70 27 1000
Use Balanced Fury
Balanced Fury
70 30 800
Use White Gold Throwing-Stars
White Gold Throwing-Stars
100 28 2000
Use Flame Throwing-Stars
Flame Throwing-Stars
130 27 1500
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