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The Traits System is a system where certain abilities can be increased when traits are leveled up. A character's traits appear in the Profession window when the character is above level 30. Traits of other characters can viewed in the character window when clicking on them.

Traits can be leveled up from 1 to 100. There is a daily limit of 500 EXP per day for each trait, other than Charm. Once a trait is raised to Level 20, 60 and 100, a quest appears, allowing characters to obtain unique medals. 

There are six types of Traits - Ambition, Insight, Empathy, Willpower, Diligence and Charm. 


Ambition can be increased by defeating boss monsters, completing boss quests and other actions. A list of quests and other activities to gain Ambition are shown below. Due to the high amounts of Ambition that can be earned through even low level bosses, it is often the trait that players max first.

Ambition Rewards from Quests
Type Rewarded from: Amount of Ambition
Ambition Rewards from Bosses
Boss: Amount of Ambition
Hilla (Normal) 45
Von Leon (Mu Lung Dojo) 50
Hilla (Mu Lung Dojo) 50
Arkarium (Mu Lung Dojo) 50
Magnus (Mu Lung Dojo) 50
Cygnus (Mu Lung Dojo) 50
Von Bon (Normal) 59
Pierre (Normal) 59
Crimson Queen (Normal) 59
Magnus (Easy) 69
Von Leon (Easy) 74
Vellum (Normal) 79
Arkarium (Easy) 107
Von Leon (Normal) 121
Pink Bean (Normal) 125
Von Leon (Hard) 134
Arkarium (Normal) 139
Magnus (Normal) 143
Cygnus (Easy) 159
Ursus 191
Silver-Haired Hilla 202
Chaos Pink Bean 213
Cygnus (Normal) 224
Chaos Von Bon 235
Chaos Pierre 238
Chaos Crimson Queen 241
Magnus (Hard) 257
Chaos Vellum 279
Lotus (Normal) 323
Damien (Normal) 325
Damien (Hard) 362
Lotus (Hard) 369
Arkarium 500
Ambition Rewards from Other Sources
Type Rewarded from: Amount of Ambition
Potion Hair Wax 5
Potion Premium Hair Wax 30

Below are the stat increases and effects of leveling Ambition.

Ambition Level Enemy Defense Ignored EXP % Loss
0-4 0% -10.0%
5-9 0% -9.8%
10-14 1% -9.5%
15-19 1% -9.3%
20-24 2% -9.0%
25-29 2% -8.8%
30-34 3% -8.5%
35-39 3% -8.3%
40-44 4% -8.0%
45-49 4% -7.8%
50-54 5% -7.5%
55-59 5% -7.3%
60-64 6% -7.0%
65-69 6% -6.8%
70-74 7% -6.5%
75-79 7% -6.3%
80-84 8% -6.0%
85-89 8% -5.8%
90-94 9% -5.5%
95-99 9% -5.3%
100 10% -5.0%

Characters can obtain the following medals from leveling up Ambition:

Obtainable Medals
Ambition Level Quest and Title Name Medal Stats
20 Humble Honor STR+3
60 Bearded Ambition STR+5
100 King's Dignity STR+10


Insight can be increased by mining.

It decreases the elemental attributes of monsters, and allows characters to reveal Hidden Potential items for free, up to Level 120.


Empathy can be increased by harvesting herbs.

It increases Max MP and Buff Duration.


Willpower can be increased by crafting accessories or armor, staying logged in to the game, and by a few boss and mini-boss monsters.

It increases HP, Defense, and Abnormal Status Resistance.


Diligence can be increased by crafting with herbs or ores, or by leveling up a Profession.

It increases scroll success rate and increases the chance in obtaining double the amount of mastery from crafting.


Charm can be increased by gaining fame, equipping Cash equipment, or by changing hairstyle, eye, face or skin color.

Once at level 30 charm, player's unlock an additional equipment slot, the pocket slot. Certain levels of Charm unlock quests for exclusive, permanent, Facial Expression cash items.


  • Even though Battle Mode PvP has been removed from Maplestory, Ambition still rewards players with additional Battle Mode Attack.
Availability of Traits System
Korea Japan China Taiwan Global SEA
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