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For the skill of Kinesis, see Transcendence.

Transcendents are characters who have achieved transcendentalism in MapleStory. The most notable Transcendent is the recurring character, the Black Mage. The Transcendents play an important role in the plot of MapleStory, but most of the plot lay unrevealed and incomplete.

Transcendents are known to maintain the balance of the world they reign in. From Heroes of Maple: Act 2, it was revealed that in the beginning, there were 365 creations, 365 gods dwelt inside, following the 365 laws. However, this disorder created mass chaos. To maintain order, the world was ruled by the laws of Light, Life and Time, and the other gods were either weakened or went extinct.

According to Fenelle, the Transcendents are representatives of each world's 3 Paragons who are beings that created that world. The Paragons represent Light, Time, and Life and are responsible for creating the world and all life on it, including the Transcendents that wield their power. Transcendents are not all the same, as some are created immortal, whereas others are mortal but reincarnate. On the other hand, Kaiser states that the Transcendents are the three agents of the Overseer who created the multiverse, and each of them is charged with light, time, and life.

In the event that a world loses all its Transcendents, it will seek out Transcendents of other worlds and merge with another world to stabilize itself. This is why the Interdimensional Portal between Maple World and Grandis exists. Fenelle claimed that when one Transcendent takes and uses the power of another, it tears the fabric of space and time, which results in the creation of the Interdimensional Portal.

From Zero's Story Quest and Heroes of Maple Blockbuster, it is clear that one of the Black Mage's goals is to merge both Maple World and Grandis, so that he can be the ruler of both dimensions. That is why he attacked Rhinne, split Zero into two and trap them in the Mirror World; and also allowed Damien to acquire the Transcendent Stone so that the World Tree's power is bound by the stone. Her power was split across the Maple World to restore its vitality after the events of Heroes of Maple. This was confirmed in Act 4 of Heroes of Maple, where Hilla says to the Black Mage: "O great one, the results you wanted have been achieved. The transcendental being of time has been split imperfectly, and the transcendental being of life has been scattered to the world. What are your next orders?"

In the Arcane River quests and 5th job advancement quests, it is revealed that Arcane River was created by the Black Mage as a result of merging the two dimensions, and thus many map objects of both the Maple World and Grandis can be seen in Vanishing Journey.

Maple WorldEdit

Transcendent of Life: World TreeEdit

Cutscene Alice 0

Transcendent of Life, Alice

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The World Tree is the source of life of Maple World. She is currently found in the Root Abyss where she is recuperating to return to her true form. The Black Mage once tried to rob her powers, but failed and was unable to locate her hiding spot. Damien, one of the Black Mage Commanders, eventually discovered Root Abyss and summoned Von Bon, Pierre, Crimson Queen, and Vellum to keep her sealed, but they were all defeated by the Maple Alliance, freeing the World Tree. In the future, Cygnus seeks power by trying to locate the World Tree, but ends up falling into the Black Mage's trap. She is an immortal transcendent, one that will always exists and can never be killed.

Transcendent of Light: Black MageEdit

Black Mage

Transcendent of Light, Black Mage

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The Black Mage is the main antagonist of Maple World. Born in Edelstein, the Black Mage traveled to Magatia to research magic. He is also the founder of Aurora, the organization that researches and protects the light. Ironically enough, the Black Mage gave up his light and succumbed to darkness in his search for power. He is a mortal transcendent, one that can be slain and will reincarnate after death.

Transcendent of Time: RhinneEdit

NPC Rhinne

Transcendent of Time, Rhinne

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It is said that the entire Maple World is a dream of hers. The Black Mage attempted to steal her power by sending his pontifex, Arkarium, to the Temple of Time. While being assaulted by the Black Mage, she shed her tear to create a child and successor, Zero. She is an immortal transcendent, one that will always exist and can never be killed.

Transcendent of Time: ZeroEdit


Transcendent of Time, Zero

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Rhinne, after being captured by the Black Mage, shed her tears and created a child who would later be known as Zero. However, the Black Mage was aware of Rhinne's plan and Will, one of the Black Mage's commanders, split the child into two beings and sealed them off in the Mirror World, then kept them separate to prevent them from regaining their full power. Unfortunately for the Black Mage, the two halves eventually reunite and proceed to search for a way to escape their prison.

Transcendent of Life: CygnusEdit

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After resurrected by Cygnus after awakening her powers, it is revealed by Shinsoo that he was protecting Cygnus so her descendent could become the fourth Transcendent. However, these powers instead made Cygnus a Transcendent, forcing Shinsoo to leave Ereve and find a way to repress her new powers to stop her from hurting herself and others. Also, at the end of Zero's storyline, Zero meets the current Black Mage's commanders who mentions that the World Tree is not the Transcendent of Life anymore.


Unlike in Maple World, the Transcendents take active roles in the world of Grandis, with Darmoor declaring war on other races, and Aeona the 1st killing seven races in Grandis as it is her 'job'.

Transcendent of Life: Gerand DarmoorEdit

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Gerand Darmoor has a plan to conquer the whole of Grandis for himself. Similar to the Black Mage, Darmoor robbed the powers of the Transcendent of Time. With Magnus as his right-hand man, Darmoor conquered Aboris and gave Heliseum for Magnus to reign.

Transcendent of Light: AeonaEdit

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Aeona the 2nd, once known of Tana, is the twin sister of Aeona the 1st. While both had the powers of a Transcendent, only one could have title, and the name of, Aeona. Aeona had the power of darkness and death, while Tana had the power of light and creation. Aeona was picked as the Transcendent as she could hear a 'voice', and Tana was left to be just a 'half'. Soon, Aeona goes mad with power, and Tana supposedly kills her sister, and takes her power, and thus her name, as a result. Now shackled by the very same 'voice' her sister heard. Tana refuses the Aeona name and leaves Grandis. She soon finds her way to the Kritias where she gets involved in an explosion.

Transcendent of Time: ChronicaEdit

Not much is known about the Transcendent. Gerand Darmoor confronted Chronica at his sanctuary, insisting that he help him wipe out all life. Chronica refused, and so Darmoor sealed him away and stole his power. Just as the Black Mage did with Rhinne.