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In order to create an Ultimate Explorer, one must first level a Cygnus Knights up to level 120, go through the final job advancement, and complete the quest named “Empress’s Grace.”

Once the Cygnus Knight completes the requirements, just simply report to the Empress Cygnus in Ereve. To travel to Ereve from Victoria Island, travel to Six Path Crossway and climb up the tree in the center of the map. From there, head up to find a boat to take one to Ereve, the home of the Empress Cygnus. When one speak with the Empress, one will be given the chance to create your Ultimate Explorer.

When creating an Ultimate Explorer you get to type in a new name, chose a 2nd Job Advancement job, face, eye and hair. Some of these face's / eye's and hair styles cost Cash, but when creating an Ultimate Explorer you can chose these for free.

Ultimate Explorers do not start at the bottom; instead, new Ultimate Explorers begin at level 50 with all the skills and abilities available to an Explorer class of that type has available at that level.


Ultimate Explorer begins the game with an exclusive Cygnus Knight Skills that corresponds to the job that the Ultimate Explorer is closest to.

These skills automatically increase in power every time the character gains 10 levels until they reach level 100.

Each Ultimate Explorer comes complete with a set of the “Empress’s Fine” gear and a weapon specific to his or her job.

To view Ultimate Explorers' skill list, see here.

Availability of Ultimate Explorers
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