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Ursus the Mighty is a massive beast and the first ever raid boss in Maplestory.




Masarayu was a man who had everything, his fortunes matched those of Gold Richie, and he had nothing to fear. Then one day, he heard about Ursus, a beast who displayed the very power and anger of nature itself. Ursus cared not for wealth nor riches, and his sheer power made Masarayu dub him "The Mighty". A bounty was put on Ursus's head, and now heroes and adventurers line up to fight him in droves.

Battle Overview

Ursus is the first ever raid boss in Maplestory, and this means that his fight isn't anything like what you've experienced before. After completing the prequests from the notifier on the left side of the screen, you can head to Ursus at any time through the Dimensional Mirror in towns, or via the Boss Tab.

  • You can only use 8 skills while fighting Ursus, and you select them before entering the fight. Once you enter, you cannot change the skills that you picked, so coordinate party buffs with your party members to maximize the amount of powerful attacks that everyone can select. This is what the UI looks like.

Ursus skill selection

Note that the passive effects from all of your skills are applied, regardless of whether or not you select them as 1 of the 8 skills to take into the fight.

  • You can fight Ursus with 1-18 people, separated into up to 3 parties of 6 players each.
  • Your group gets 80 shared lives; once they run out, the run is over. You can use up to 20 potions per life.
  • Ursus has an individual ranking system for each player. In increasing order, you can earn E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS ranks upon the end of the fight. Your rank is based on a number of factors including damage dealt, revives, time taken, deaths etc.... Higher ranks come with higher rewards.
  • Ursus has no time limit, but if you take too long to kill him you will automatically be assigned the lowest rank.
  • Ursus drops no items, instead you are awarded items based on your rank during the fight.
  • Ursus has an entry limit of 3 entries per account per day.


Players are awarded a variety of body parts from Ursus depending on their rank during the fight. They can redeem these with Aisha for a variety of items, including Clean Slate Scroll 10%, Spell Traces, damage skins, chairs, and temporary Cash Shop gear. You can also obtain a number of medals and titles through fighting Ursus. You may also talk to Jawad to claim any medals, Soul Shards, or a special title.

Aisha's Shop


Eqp Ursus Defeater
Ursus Defeater

  • Requirement: Defeat Ursus 1 time

Eqp Ursus Defeater King
Ursus Defeater King

  • Requirement: Defeat Ursus 10 times

Eqp One who has godly control
One who has godly control

  • Requirement: Defeat Ursus 1 time without getting eaten, grabbed, or trapped and with SSS rank

Eqp The Will to Survive
The Will to Survive

  • Requirement: Attempt Ursus 100 times, regardless of success or failure

Eqp Ursus SSS Procurer
Ursus SSS Procurer

  • Requirement: Defeat Ursus 1 time with SSS rank

Eqp Ursus SSS Collector
Ursus SSS Collector

  • Requirement: Defeat Ursus 10 times with SSS rank

Eqp Ursus SSS Super Collector
Ursus SSS Super Collector

  • Requirement: Defeat Ursus 30 times with SSS rank

Eqp Ursus Mouth Wash
Ursus Mouth Wash

  • Requirement: Get eaten by Ursus 100 times

Eqp Ursus Handgrip
Ursus Handgrip

  • Requirement: Get grabbed by Ursus 100 times

Eqp Master of Assists
Master of Assists

  • Requirement: Assist/rescue/revive other players a total of 999 times during Ursus


Mobicon Ursus Ursus (Boss)
Mob Ursus
Level 129 HP 2,625,000,000,000 MP 1,500,000
EXP 88,400
191 (Ambition)
Weapon Points: 120
Speed 20 Attack 10,000
Physical Defense 0 PDR 10% Magic Defense 0 MDR 10%
Fire Neutral Ice Neutral
Poison Neutral Lightning Neutral
Holy Neutral Dark Neutral
Physical Neutral Undead? No
Category Mammal
Equipment Drops None
Usable Drops None
Set-up Drops None
Etc. Drops None
Quest Drops None
Locations None
1 - 10 11 - 20 21 - 30 31 - 40 41 - 50 51 - 60 61 - 70 71 - 80
81 - 90 91 - 100 101 - 110 111 - 120 121 - 130 131 - 140 141 - 150 151 - 160
161 - 170 171 - 180 181 - 190 191 - 200 201 - 210 211 - 220 221 - 230 231 - 250
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81 - 90 91 - 100 101 - 110 111 - 120 121 - 130 131 - 140 141 - 150 151 - 160
161 - 170 171 - 180 181 - 190 191 - 200 201 - 250
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  • Ursus is the first boss in Maplestory to use the new 2-D skeleton animation system.
  • In KMS, Ursus is referred to as "Destruction King Ursus".
  • You can attack each of Ursus's body parts independently, and if you deal enough damage you can temporarily disable some of his attacks.

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