또 검은 마법사를 능가하는 새로운 적 ‘다르모어’와 그의 수하이자 노바족의 배신자 ‘매그너스’가 등장하는 등 스토리와 세계관의 확장에도 심혈을 기울였다.

Another new enemy surpasses the Black Mage is ‘Dalemore’, and a traitor to the Nova race and ‘Magnus’, will be appearing in the new story of the new world.

The Black Mage will be released, but is not the end game boss. Of course, if Nexon decided to release the Black Mage without planning for the next big boss, most of the patches after it is most probably going to be filler patches until the new boss gets planned and the game will get boring, doesn’t it?


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