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Velderoth was once the friend of Kyle and Tear as well as the former leader of the Heliseum Force, a friendship group with the belief of taking back Heliseum from Magnus. However, because Kyle and Tear gained extraordinary power, Velderoth felt weak and left Pantheon in hopes of becoming stronger. Unfortunately, he joined Magnus and became his right-hand man, betraying his friends and became the very thing he set out to destroy. After Velderoth was defeated, he fled and was not heard of again.

NPC VelderothNPC Velderoth (2)
Quests involved Where's Tear?, Mocking of Velderoth, Helperoth
Location Pantheon

NPC VelderothNPC Velderoth (3)NPC Velderoth (2)
Quests involved Victory and Defeat, Velderoth in Terror, There Goes the Gang, Velderoth in Terror, There Goes the Gang, Competing for Resources
Location Heliseum Hideout


  • Velderoth has a similar story to the Ice Knight. Both were originally friends of a class but betrayed them and joined forces with their enemies in search for power, and then were eventually defeated by that same friend.